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Using VR technology we deliver fantastic experiences, from immersive to exploring landmarks.


Using AR technology we deliver fun interactive Experiences ,from learning to famous landmarks modeling.


A consulting site that helps you solve your problems on the social, family, educational and personal levels by requesting advice from an expert consultant.

Education solution

It is an educational site that aims to teach remotely and facilitate communication between schools, students and professors, and parents' follow-up with their children, through a set of useful tools available to teachers and students, in addition to remote meetings.

Lamset shefaa

It is the first unique integrated medical electronic system in Syria that meets the needs of both the patient and medical service providers.

  • The system aims to improve the health situation in Syria by integrating the most prominent advances in technology with medical knowledge and services, creating a high-quality, easy-to-use, and primarily safe virtual medical world. By providing integrated automated solutions to manage the treatment process with its various components and to serve all parties involved in it from the patient to the doctor, pharmacist and even laboratory.

Crowd simulation

we developing our the pipe line of producation to animate digital characters-especially Crowd.So our company recently updated its crowd-simulation technics based on stander software and special all tools.


It is an entertaining educational application for children if it aims to enrich their thinking and knowledge through entertaining and useful stories that combine interest and pleasure


An integrated store for stationery and school supplies that allows you to buy all kinds easily, as the application provides:

  • Services of reviewing products with appropriate classifications, displaying their details and previewing their images before placing an order.

  • Advanced search function by (product name, brand, ...)

  • Follow her specials In addition, there is a delivery service attached to the application.


It is an application that helps memorize the Qur’an with correct recitation by listening to the recitations of the most prominent reciters and the presence of tests There is also a special section for interpretation and intonation provisions


3d Animation Produce high-quality 3d animated content


It is an entertaining educational program for children represented by a Rubik's Cube It aims to combine play with learning in an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment. The games were adopted to activate the mental abilities associated with sensory receptors and to entertain the child and enrich his knowledge at the same time.


Joy Box company producing 2D , 3D games , interactive games in all multimedia platforms and gaming console (Internet , Mobile Games Pc Games Ps , XBox ...)

Motion capture

motion capture is a solution for capturing and reconstructing full body motion with facial experessions and hand gestures motion capture help to create full body 3D animations to use in games , augmented / virtual reality and other applications.


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